Calgary Geotechnical Society


We gratiously acknowledge the following sponsors for the financial support provided over the years.
Sponsors ordered alphabetically.

AECOM Technology Corp. All Service Drilling Inc. Almor Testing
Services Ltd.
BGC Engineering Inc. Carswell Consulting
Engineers Ltd.

Coffey Geotechnics Inc.

Curtis Engineering
Associates Ltd.

DST Consulting Engineers Inc. E2K Engineering Ltd. Earth Drilling Co. Ltd.

EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. Geo-Slope International Ltd. Golder Associates Ltd. G V M Geological
Consultants Ltd.

K.J. Hewitt &
Associates Ltd.

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd. Mobile Augers & Research Ltd. Naviq Consulting Inc. Nilex Inc.

Oak Environmental, Inc. Pile Driving Contractors Association
Pile Dynamics, Inc.
Sabatini Earth
Technologies Inc.
Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Thurber Engineering Ltd.