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The Calgary Geotechnical Society (CyGS) is a local section of the Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS). It provides opportunities for continuing professional development for geotechnical engineers/engineering geologists in the Calgary area. We host lectures by local, national and international speakers roughly monthly from September through May every year. Our current list of events is here.

The society relies on volunteers to help organize and put on the events, and sponsorship from local geotechnical companies and support from the national CGS. If you are interested in helping on the committee, if you have ideas for speakers or topics, or if your company would like to help sponsor the society or a specific event, please talk to one of the committee or contact us at

Current Event

CyGS Presentation (April 24, 2024):
Mike O’Kane of Okane Consultants

Please register by Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

Previous Events

Jeanine Engelbrecht, Ph.D. & CyGS Student Industry Mixer

Speaker(s): Jeanine Engelbrecht, Ph.D.

Topic: Echoes from space: measuring millimeters on earth from 700 km above

Date: Wed, March 6, 2024

Location: Croatian Cultural Centre

CyGS Student Industry Mixer

Sam Proskin, P.End., Ph.D, Zakieh Mohammedi (Ph.D. candidate at the University of Calgary), Lilianne Landry-Pare (P.Eng., Hatch), Justyna Kos-Fairless (P.Eng., Suncor)

Topic: Designing in permafrost, Ice-road design and monitoring, diverging career paths and confronting career challenges

Date: Wed, March 21, 2024
Location: Aloft Calgary University

CyGS Virtual Presentation

Speaker(s): Caius Priscu, Ph.D, P.Eng

Topic: Can tailings dam safety management professionals learn from the maritime industry failures? – Heck yes!

Date: Wed, Jan 24, 2024 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM MST

Location: Wild Rose Brewery (4580 Quesnay Wood Drive Southwest Calgary, AB T3E 7J3)

CyGS Virtual Presentation

Speaker(s): Doug Dewar, M.Sc., P.Eng., and Nicki Robertson, Ph.D., P.Eng

Topic: Modern Pipelines and Landslide Hazards: An Operator’s Perspective.

Date: Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 12:00pm – 1:00pm (MST

CyGS Technical Talk (November 22)

Speaker(s): Heather Brooks, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Topic: Permafrost in Complex Topography: The need for and utility of 3D thermal modelling at Polychrome Pass, Denali National Park

Date: November 22, 2023, 5:30pm – 7:00pm (MST)

CGS Fall CCLT Presentation

Speaker(s): M. Hesham El Naggar, PhD, PEng, FCAE, FEIC, FASCE

Topic: Helical Piles: Efficient Foundation for Static, Dynamic, and Seismic Applications

Date: October 19, 2023, 5:30pm – 8:00pm (MST)

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