Current Executive
ChairGennaro Esposito
Co-ChairWill Smith
Past ChairRemco Kleinlugtenbelt
TreasurerDaniel G. Bertrand
Venue Coord. Aditi Khurana / Dan Ferg
Announcem.Michael Bicanic
WebmasterDat Tran / Thomas Kujawa
Student Rep. Boning Ma
S.A.R. DirectorKashma Roy
Members-at-LargeTun Lwin
Jack Park


  • is responsible for the overall operation of the society;
  • ensures lecture schedule is filled and executed according to plan;
  • ensures completion of all planning including the AGM presentation.


  • is the backup to the Chair;
  • learns the duties of the Chair throughout the year.

Past Chair

  • provides guidance to the Chair and Co-Chair and other members of the executive.


  • administers the bank account and updates the accounting software (Quicken);
  • reimburses speaker and student award expenses;
  • pays bills (venue, website) among other duties.

Venue Coordinator

  • confirms the meeting date with the venue and books the venue;
  • establishes the menu for special events.

Announcements Coordinator

  • sends email announcements of current events to all members;
  • sends email announcements for awards at least three months in advance of AGM.

Website Coordinator

  • maintains the website update with current events.

Student Representative

  • is the link between the CGS and the University of Calgary;
  • promotes CyGS efforts at UofC and keeps students updated with CyGS events.

Southern Alberta Regional Director

  • keeps the local society updated with National CGS events, like the CCLT and conferences.


  • helps with organizational tasks within the executive.

Past Executive

Past Positions 2020-2016
Positions2020–2019 2019–20182018–20172017–2016
Chair Remco KleinlugtenbeltHamir KarimpourErtan Ozman Samir Hebib
Co-Chair Gennaro EspositoRemco KleinlugtenbeltHamid Karimpour Ertan Ozmen
Past Chair Hamid KarimpourErtan OzmenSamir HebibDaniel G. Bertrand
Treasurer Daniel G. Bertrand Daniel G. Bertrand Daniel G. Bertrand Daniel G. Bertrand
Venue Coord.Will SmithGennaro EspositoAditi KhuranaLeanne McLaren
Announcem. Aditi KhuranaAditi KhuranaRemco KleinlugtenbeltMohammd Sltan
Webmaster Dat Tran / Thomas Kujawa Dat Tran / Thomas Kujawa Dat Tran / Mauricio Pinheiro Dat Tren / Mauricio Pinheiro
Student Rep.Boning MaScott McKeanJoshua WinfieldChee Wong
S.A.R. Director Leanne McLarenLeanne McLarenLeanne McLarenScott McKean
Member-at-LargeKashma Roy
Masoumeh Saiyer
Dan Ferg
Tun Lwin
Michael Bicanic
Melodie Tang
Masoumeh Saiyer
Kashma Roy
Will Smith
Chee Wong
Gennaro Esposito
Payman Tabatabai
Carlos Ordonez
Morteza Mohamadi
Scott McKean
Melissa Hernandez
Jason Rhee
Rahul Sharma
Past Positions 2016-2012
Chair Daniel G. BertrandMauricio PinheiroHamid BatenipourJuan Lopez
Co-Chair Samir HebibDaniel G. BertrandMauricio PinheiroHamid Batenipour
Past Chair Mauricio PinheiroHamid BatenipourJuan Lopez
Bhamisha Ramdharry
Treasurer Rob Armstrong
Rob Armstrong
Rob Armstrong
Rob Armstrong
Venue Coord.Ertan Ozmne
Mohamd Sltan
Angela Beattie
Angela Beattie
Announcem. Mohamd Sltan
Samir Hebib
Daniel G. Bertrand
Daniel G. Bertrand
Webmaster Dat Tran
Dat Tran
Dat Tran
Mauricio Pinheiro
Student Rep.Will Smith
Will Smith
S.A.R. Director Scott McKean
Scott McKean/ Frank Magdich
Frank Magdich
Frank Magdich
Member-at-LargeFrank Magdich
Hamid Karimpour
Leanne McLaren
Peyman Tabatabaei
Angela Beattie
Marcia MacLellan
Bhamisha Ramdharry
Ardeshir Sharif-Abadi
Justyna Kos
Marcia MacLellan
Bhamisha Ramdharry
Ardeshir Sharif-Abadi
Justyna Kos
Marcia MacLellan
Ardeshir Sharif-Abadi
Past Positions 2012-2008
ChairBhamisha RamdharryFrank MagdichJustyna KosSimon Cullum-Kenyon
Co-ChairJuan LopezBhamisha Ramdharry Frank MagdichJustyna Kos
Past ChairFrank MagdichJustyna KosSimon Cullum-KenyonBlaine Penny
TreasurerRob ArmstrongRob ArmstrongBhamisha RamdharryPierre-Philippe Levasseur
Venue Coord.Angela Beattie Angela BeattieAngela Beattie Tyler Lappin
Announcem.Daniel G. BertrandDaniel G. BertrandMauricio PinheiroMarcia MacLellan
WebmasterMauricio PinheiroMauricio PinheiroMauricio PinheiroMauricio Pinheiro
Student Rep.Sarah KhosravaniSarah KhosravaniCarlos OrdonezCarlos Ordonez
S.A.R. DirectorMarcia MacLellanMarcia MacLellanMarcia MacLellanBrad Ellingwood
Marcia MacLellan
Member-at-LargeJustyna Kos
Ardeshir Sharif-Abadi
Simon Cullum-Kenyon
Ardeshir Sharif-Abadi
Brad Ellingwood
Catherine Fear
Daniel Bertrand
Mathi Shan
Angela Beattie
Catherine Fear
Frank Magdich
Sidantha Weerakone
Past Positions 2008-2004
ChairBlaine PennyMarcia MacLellanCatherine FearChris Workman
Co-ChairSimon Cullum-KenyonBlaine PennyMarcia MacLellanCatherine Fear
Past ChairMarcia MacLellanCatherine FearChris WorkmanBrad Ellingwood
TreasurerJustyna KosJustyna KosJustyna KosJustyna Kos
Venue Coord. Angela BeattieAngela BeattieAngela BeattieAngela Beattie
Marcia MacLellanSimon Cullum-KenyonMagalie LevasseurLara Percival
Magalie Levasseur
WebmasterMarcia MacLellanBruce LiBrad Ellingwood
Student Rep.Sidantha WeerakoneSidantha WeerakoneAnapuma AmaratungaMark Nixon
S.A.R. DirectorBrad EllingwoodBrad EllingwoodBrad Ellingwood
Jocelyn Grozic
Jocelyn Grozic
Member-at-LargeCatherine Fear
Frank Magdich
Rod Kostaschuk
Tyler Lappin
Alena JamesAlena James
Bill Demers
Blaine Penny
Bruce Li
Alena James
Bill Demers
Marcia MacLellan
Past Postions 2004-2000
Positions 2004–20032003–20022002–20012001–2000
ChairBrad EllingwoodBrad EllingwoodBrad Ellingwood
Past Chair
Venue Coord.
Announcem.Lara PercivalLara PercivalLara Percival
Student Rep.
S.A.R. DirectorJocelyn GrozicJocelyn Grozic
Member-at-LargeCatherine Fear
Chris Workman
Catherine Fear
Chris Workman
Catherine Fear
Chris Workman