Each year, during the Annual General Meeting, the Calgary Geotechnical Society (CyGS) Executive Committee presents the following awards:

The nominations are being accepted for the 2024 Awards until Thursday, May 2, 2024.

The award recipient and the nominator will be notified by May 15, 2024.

Calgary Geotechnical Society Award

Dr Wong is recognised for his tireless efforts as a teacher, researcher, and leader in the Civil Engineer Department at the University of Calgary.

The Calgary Geotechnical Society Award is presented to an individual who has provided exceptional efforts, energy, and/or contributions to the art of geotechnique in Southern Alberta. This may be, but not limited to, contributions to the CyGS and/or accomplishments as a practitioner or an academic.


  • Any individual who has contributed to the geotechnical practice and community in Southern Alberta
  • Current CyGS Executive Committee members are not eligible
  • Past recipient of the Calgary Geotechnical Society Award is not eligible
  • Must be nominated by a member of the geotechnical community (e.g. practitioner, peer, colleague, etc.).

Submission Requirements (in one PDF):

  • Up to 2 pages (PDF) highlighting the nominee’s contributions and accomplishments.

Student/EIT Travel Award

The Student/EIT Travel Award is presented to a student or a Member-in-Training (MIT) to assist in attending the annual Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS) Conference. Early career members are important for the future of our society and the profession, and this award encourages those individuals to participate in CyGS and CGS activities to develop strong leadership skills.

The award includes:

  • Registration for the annual CGS Conference
  • The lesser of 75% or $900 for travel expenses (airfare, mileage/transportation, accommodation, and food).


  • Member of the CGS and the CyGS
  • Registered student at a post-secondary institution and/or registered member-in-training with a professional licensing association (e.g. APEGA)
  • Attendance at the annual CGS Conference as an author (preferably as a presenter) or as a representative of the CyGS at a specialty session workshop, division, or committee meeting
  • Current CyGS Executive Committee members are not eligible
  • Past recipient of the Student/EIT Travel Award is not eligible
  • Self-nomination is permitted.

Submission Requirements (in one PDF):

  • Cover letter with a brief statement of qualification and intent (300 words maximum)
  • One-page resume, highlighting the nominee’s academic performance, achievement, work experience, and volunteer experience.
  • Copy of the abstract submitted to the CGS Conference or an explanation of your role as a representative of CyGS at a specialty session, workshop, division or committee meeting.

Past Award Winners

YearCyGS AwardStudent/EIT Travel Award
2023Jocelyn HayleyZakieh Mohammadi
2022Robert (Bob) Saunders-
2021Brian RogersYadong Zhang
2019Ron WongChee Wong
2018Gretchen MinningKhokan Debnath
2017Georgina GriffinShuai Man
2016Thomas MurrayJiechun Wu
2015Henry Crawford-
2014Mickey DavachiDerek Uffen
2013Bill ChinAhmad Booshehrian
2012John SobkowiczMorteza Mohamadi
2011Neil MacLeodSidantha Weerakone
2010Dennis Becker-
2009Heinrich HeinzChamika Haththotuwa
2008Charles KwokMauricio Pinheiro
2007Mike O’ConnorAsanga Nanayakkara
2006Walter SemchuckJosh Moncrieff
2005David DevennyAnapuma Amaratunga
2004Ken TooveyMathi Shan
2003Jack Clark-
2002Jim Oswell-
2001Ramesh Joshi-
2000John Krahn-
1999Bill Burwash-
1998Milos Stepanek-