Calgary Geotechnical Society Award

Dr Wong is recognised for his tireless efforts as a teacher, researcher, and leader in the Civil Engineer Department at the University of Calgary.

Each year, during the Calgary Geotechnical Society (CyGS) Annual General Meeting, the Executive presents an award to an outstanding individual who has provided exceptional efforts, energy, and/or contributions to the Art of Geotechnique in Calgary. Previous award winners (see insert on the right) include individuals who have dedicated significant amounts of time to local CyGS events and/or are accomplished practitioners, academics or retired engineers.

The recipient is chosen by the CyGS Executive from nominations submitted by members for potential recipients whom they feel deserve such recognition. Current CyGS Executive Members are not eligible for the award.

Past Winners

CyGS Award Winners

2023 – Jocelyn Hayley
2022 – Robert (Bob) Saunders
2021 – Brian Rogers
2019 – Ron Wong
2018 – Gretchen Minning
2017 – Georgina Griffin
2016 – Thomas Murray
2015 – Henry Crawford
2014 – Mickey Davachi
2013 – Bill Chin
2012 – John Sobkowicz
2011 – Neil MacLeod
2010 – Dennis Becker
2009 – Heinrich Heinz
2008 – Charles Kwok
2007 – Mike O’Connor
2006 – Walter Semchuck
2005 – David Devenny
2004 – Ken Toovey
2003 – Jack Clark
2002 – Jim Oswell
2001 – Ramesh Joshi
2000 – John Krahn
1999 – Bill Burwash
1998 – Milos Stepanek

Student/EIT Travel Award

Each year, during the Calgary Geotechnical Society (CyGS) Annual General Meeting, the Executive presents an award of financial support to a Student or Member in Training (MIT) to assist in attending the annual Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS) Conference. Young members are important for the future of the society and the profession, and this award encourages young members to participate in CyGS and CGS activities and develop strong leadership skills.

Past Winners

Student/EIT Award Winners

2023 – Zakieh Mohammadi
2022 – None
2021 – Yadong Zhang
2019 – Chee Wong
2018 – Khokan Debnath
2017 – Shuai Man
2016 – Jiechun Wu
2015 – None
2014 – Derek Uffen
2013 – Ahmad Booshehrian
2012 – Morteza Mohamadi
2011 – Sidantha Weerakone
2010 – None
2009 – Chamika Haththotuwa
2008 – Mauricio Pinheiro
2007 – Asanga Nanayakkara
2006 – Josh Moncrieff
2005 – Anapuma Amaratunga
2004 – Mathi Shan

Award Rules

The award provides support for 75% of the costs for attending the conference, plus a free student registration to the conference, up to a maximum of $900. The recipient is required to contribute at least 25% of the costs; however, he/she can seek other support for this portion of the costs (e.g. from a university advisor or employer).

To be eligible for this award, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member of the Canadian Geotechnical Society and located in the Southern Alberta Section (i.e. the CyGS).
  • Be a student (undergraduate or postgraduate), a MIT registered with one of the professional licensing associations, or a young geoscientist at an equivalent stage in his or her career (subject to CyGS approval).
  • Make a contribution to the conference as an author (preferably as a presenter) or as a representative of the CyGS at a specialty session workshop, division, or committee meeting.

Past recipients and current Calgary Geotechnical Society Executive Members are not eligible for the award. Applications should be submitted before the deadline (changes annually) and include the following information:

  • A cover letter with a short statement of qualification and intent (300 words maximum).
  • A one-page résumé that includes a summary of undergraduate and postgraduate academic performance and achievements (e.g. GPA, honours, awards, job assignments, volunteering, etc.).
  • A copy of your abstract submitted to the conference that, preferably, you will be presenting at the conference or an explanation of your role as a representative of the region at a specialty session, workshop, division or committee meeting.

Once applications have been received, the CyGS will a) select and notify their nominee, b) notify the conference organizers, and c) notify the CGS administrator. Recipient selection will be done by the CyGS using procedures established by the CyGS. The award will be announced during our Annual General Meeting.

Original receipts for all expenses being claimed (including meals) must be submitted by the award recipient to the CyGS treasurer after the conference; no per diem allowances will be granted without original receipts, and the CyGS determines the ultimate acceptability of the submitted expense claim. Nominees are encouraged to reduce costs where possible through shared travel, accommodation, etc. Student registration includes preprints, receptions, and luncheons but not the Banquet or Colour Night.